Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Bex and a good lie down

When you realise that the American Tea Party people, like the author of the email below, are having considerable influence on choosing candidates for the forthcoming Congressional elections in the US you might need one! As that journal of record the Sandusky Register explains it:
2-09-2010 sanduskyregister
I particularly like point number two: The regulation of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God and not government and I oppose all measures of Cap and Trade as well as the teaching of global warming theory in our schools. Reads very much like a Bob Katter statement on global warming actually.
From: Jon Morrow
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:14:38 -0400
Subject: Tea Party Voter Guide and Questionaire…get your candidates on it
We are a Tea Party Group in Erie County called The Freedom Institute of Erie County and we are preparing a Conservative voter guide and would like help from your candidates. We ask they answer the following 15 questions so that we can more clearly define their position on many items. These answers will be put into our voter guide and allow us to rate, recommend, and endorse candidates. Without these questions being answered we cannot give a full endorsement of your candidate.
We have attached a draft of the voter guide along with the questions and a key legend for answers. You are allowed qualifiers to your answers but please keep it short sweet and simple. We intend to distribute this list in Erie County and hope it to reach 1,000+ Republicans and at least 4.000+ Independents that have a history of voting conservatively. The sample ratings in the voter guide do not yet reflect the standing of your candidate in our group.
Please also provide our members and voting guide recipients with an email and phone number contact information. While we are not a partisan group we are a conservative group. While Democrats these days tend not to be conservative we do not want to paint them with all with broad brush and we fully hope that Democrats will respond with what their conservative American values are as with any of us even the most conservative person may have some liberal views and vice versa. We would like to have answers back before the end of the first week in September.
We are also inviting all candidates to our Liber-TEA in America Rally to take place October 9th at The Largest American Legion in Ohio (Located in Sandusky, OH) to speak about their conservative view and how they will benefit Ohioans. the event will last noon to 9pm. This has been sent to as many candidates that we have e-mails for. If you have more emails for those that would be on the Erie County Ballot please forward this email on to them.
  1. The Right to Life is a Constitutional right, therefore innocent human beings should have legal protection from conception until natural death. If you hold any exceptions please state them.
  2. The regulation of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God and not government and I oppose all measures of Cap and Trade as well as the teaching of global warming theory in our schools.
  3. Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, any other type of Union is not marriage
  4. Children should not be placed into foster homes where the parents are homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered.
  5. Parental consent should be required for sex education that teaches more than direct abstinence.
  6. The second Amendment to the Constitution should not be weakened in any way.
  7. Only US Citizens should be allowed to vote and a photo ID should always be required to vote. (The Mexican government requires a photo ID and fingerprint).
  8. I oppose Ohio’s State Income Tax.
  9. I oppose the Obama Health Care Reform and would like to see more affordable healthcare through a competitive, open, and transparent system.
  10. I oppose the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military and believe that all same sex partners should be banned from combat duty in the military because of the propensity to transmit blood borne diseases in the theater of battle.
  11. I support a law that will allow the people to place on a ballot all collective bargaining agreements of all government associations, unions, and guilds, for their expressed approval. Defeat of such an agreement would mean government workers would not be immune from the free market system.
  12. I oppose card check for voting to implement a Union as this could give Unions an unfair intimidation tactic to implement Unionization
  13. I am not an economic Pacifist. I believe that we need to protect our economic borders in order to ensure free and fair trade. Tariffs should be used to stop the wealth and jobs of Americans from leaving her borders
  14. The Federal Reserve as it is currently conceived needs to be abolished or at the very least audited.
  15. I advocated moving our currency to a debt free supply-side labor based currency.
Possible Answers
A = Agree
D = Disagree
U = Undecided
A* = Pro-life with exceptions of Rape or Incest
* = Added comments
NR = No Response
CR = Incumbents Conservative Rating
Your help in these matters is greatly appreciated.
Jon P. Morrow
The Freedom Institute of Erie County
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