Saturday, 4 September 2010

Australian Muslim cleric calls for beheading of a politician

An Australian Muslim cleric has emerged with a dramatic cameo role in the continuing negotiations to form a Coalition Government in the Netherlands that have been going on since the country's election of 9 June. Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports that the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf in a front-page story gives details of the latest death threat to the anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders whose PVV party is involved in the Coalition negotiations.
Radio Netherlands says Australian "Jihad ideologist and preacher" Feiz Muhammad has made a video announcement in which he says Mr Wilders should be beheaded.
"We see the satanic filth of people like that filthy Dutch politician. Anyone who mocks our teaching...has to be killed, behead him."
And if all the drama in the political corridors of The Hague - the Dutch centre of government - hadn't already left Mr Wilders reeling, it seems this threat has "shocked" him; he has consulted with the national anti-terrorism department.
The Muslim extremist's call to kill was voiced during a series of lectures in a special chat room for Muslim extremists. More than half of those virtually present were Dutch, De Telegraaf points out. You can listen to the Jihad preacher's speech on the Telegraaf website.
The reports I have seen do not indicate where Feiz Muhammad was located when he made his comments. 
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