Friday, 27 August 2010

The Prime Minister for Funerals

I'm not sure who is actually going to be in charge of the Australian Government in the months ahead. Quite clearly it will not be whoever is the nominal  Prime Minister. He or she will be too busy attending the funerals of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
How we got in to this ridiculous situation where the head of our government attends every military funeral I don't know. I guess it was the John Howard version of spin, an attempt to show he understood the sacrifice that was being made by our army participating in an Iraq war being fought on the basis of the lie that Saddam Hussein's regime was in possession of weapons of mass destruction.
Neither Coalition nor Labor politicians since then have had the courage to confess that they supported sending our soldiers to Iraq to be sacrificed for no reason at all really. None of them have wanted to answer the question posed in today's edition of USA Today: was it worth it?
In their hearts most Australian politicians know that the answer is no. And they know as well that the reason for being in Afghanistan, where our troops are now being killed at an increasing rate, is just as shallow as the argument for having been in Iraq. It is just that they don't want to own up to having supported sending our brave young men to fight and die for no real purpose.
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