Tuesday, 10 August 2010

One good reason for a policy free election zone

It's worth remembering as we bemoan how this election campaign is a relatively policy free zone that neither Labor nor the Coalition can really promise to do very much at all. When neither side will end up in control of the Senate the best a promise can be is a promise to try and do something.
Everything needs to be looked at through a Greens prism. Would Bob Brown and his expanded team after 1 July next year (and perhaps after 21 August if his party can manage to win an ACT Senate seat which has got to be some sort of a chance) support what  Labor or the Coalition in government promised while campaigning?
The example that immediately comes to my mind is industrial relations where Labor and the trade unions keep pretending that a Tony Abbott administration would reintroduce the old Howard Government WorkChoices plan.
In truth there is no way that a Senate with a combination of Labor and Greens in a majority would pass the legislation. The only way of going backwards would be to get it through the upper house before the new Senators arrive midway through next year.
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