Monday, 2 August 2010

Now its the turn of Bulldogs to help stop the rot

There was finally something for Julia Gillard to smile about.
For a Victorian there is nothing more important at a winter weekend than victory for your footy team and the Western Bulldogs delivered on Sunday. And while she might not have actually played full forward, Ms Gillard was able to share in the reflected glory of Barry Hall.
2-08-2010 gillardandfootball
And as for the real Julia, those fashionable outfits were left in the cupboard as she brought out her jeans and the red, white and blue scarf to join in the ceremonial singing of Sons of the West:
Sons of the west
Red white and blue
We come out snarling
Bulldogs through and through
Bulldogs bite and bulldogs roar
We give our very best
But you can’t beat the boys of the bulldog breed
We’re the boys of the mighty west.
Get used to the words because the Bulldog sentiments tally with her promise to cast aside the campaign bosses who make campaigning “too managed and too tightly scripted” and presumably Barry Hall has given her some advice on how to bring pack the political biff.
2-08-2010 abarryhallelbow
The PM’s pin-up boy shows how to make a political point
Sure enough she needs to do something different and Sunday which, I scored a campaigning draw, was at least a start. Labor still had the dead weight of Kevin Rudd in hospital hanging around its neck. Alexander Downer’s intervention with some Rudd criticisms did take away the impact of a re-announcement of a proposal to increase superannuation payments for the masses and the introduction of a low fee super option, but the former Foreign Minister made it easy to paint the Liberal campaign as getting dirty by playing the man.
2-08-2010 thedailywinner
2-08-2010 crikeyelectionindicator
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