Sunday, 8 August 2010

Labor's Punch and Judy show but Labor still leads on the Crikey indicator

Friday seemed almost like an old-fashioned election campaign day. The leaders of the two parties getting about their business in the orthodox campaigning way and even talking about an issue or two against the backdrop of their made for television photo opportunity. No a Kevin Rudd or John Howard in sight.
And then came Saturday and election 2010 took on the aspect of  Punch and Judy show with Julia Gillard as Judy and Kevin Rudd as Punch until Mark Latham came along to show Kevin how to really play the part of the bully boy. Current affairs television in this country has come to a pretty pass when bitter and twisted men are given prime time to vent their years old spleen. Even more distressing is that the story of the Latham intervention for 60 Minutes quickly became the most read story on the internet news sites. That's almost the first time that has happened in the 23 days of this campaign proper.
It was all quite enough to more than eclipse Friday's Labor Party campaign win. Fortunate it is for the Government that what happens on the election trail rarely accounts for much when the proper votes finally get counted but probably more than enough to move the next round of opinion polls in favour of the Coalition.
The Crikey Election Indicator - a market based guide to the probable final result - still has Labor as a slight favourite.
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