Monday, 23 August 2010

If stable government is desired the Greens must decide

It's all well and good for Labor and Liberal-Nationals to be making their appeals to the independent members of the House of Representatives who will have the balance of power in the lower house but what the independents decide is irrelevant when it comes to the question of whether Australia will emerge with a stable government.
Like it or not we have a bicameral Parliament and from 1 July next year it is the Green Senators who will determine what things become law and what don't. Without the agreement of the Greens any pact with the Independents will be worthless when it comes to guaranteeing that a government, whether of the Coalition or the Labor variety, can actually govern.
That harsh reality means there really is no choice for the Independents if stability is a principal aim as they seem to be saying. The idea of a Coalition-Green alliance is a sick joke and just not on. The Greens are too far away from the centre on too many issues for that to be workable. Any attempt by Bob Brown and his team to keep a Coalition led by Tony Abbott in power would result in a massive disillusionment among its supporters.
A minority Labor administration or another election are the only practical alternatives.
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