Sunday, 8 August 2010

Did David Cameron need to dock his tails? - Telegraph

It's good to see that class is alive and well as a political issue in modern Britain but this piece does tell us something about political campaigning too. Public image is everything and to hell with a sister's wedding.
Did David Cameron need to dock his tails? - Telegraph: "The Prime Minister's decision not to wear a morning suit at his sister's wedding stemmed from an unfortunate incident involving plus-fours and a photographer, says Nigel Farndale"
Cameron learnt his lesson the hard way after posing for a photograph at a shooting party in 1998. Though he wasn’t actually carrying a 12-bore, he was wearing plus fours. The photograph re-emerged in 2007, causing him considerable embarrassment. It’s understandable, this nervousness about the long lens. When his sister decided to get married in April, days away from the General Election, she put her older brother in an invidious position. It went without saying that the dress code would be morning coats, but there would have been a feeding frenzy among the tabloids for an image of Dave in tails. So he had to opt for a lounge suit, and was the only man at the wedding wearing one.
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