Sunday, 1 August 2010

Collingwood coming to Labor's rescue

It was Labor's first bit of good news for the week - Collingwood trounced Carlton and went to the top of the AFL ladder. If only the Magpies can keep on winning until election day there might yet be a swing to the Government in Victoria come election day. And if that's all a bit confusing to you then have a look at my piece earlier this month on the very latest  research on voting behaviour showing that a win by a high attendance or championship football team on the eve of a political election results in the incumbent party gaining an additional 2.42 percentage points and 2.30 percentage points respectively.
Not that a solitary foootball game victory was enough to stem the tide for Labor. Yet again it was a campaign victory for the Coalition and yet again Kevin Rudd diverted attention from whatever Julia Gillard was talking about.
The market is continuing to move in the same direction as the Daily Winner with the gap between Labor and the Coalition now back to the level seen when Kevin Rudd was replaced as Prime Minister by Julia Gillard.

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