Friday, 6 August 2010

Anger on the rebound

The anti-Australian feeling in India keeps growing. We've had criticism from the Indian government of the way its country's students are treated in Victoria and John Howard was blackballed as a future head of the International Cricket Council by India's cricket authority. Now it is Australian companies providing services and facilities for the Delhi Commonwealth Games that are under the gun.
Overnight, the Treasurer of the Games organising committee resigned after publicity was given to his son working for the Australians laying Rebound Ace tennis courts. Rebound Ace might have been given the flick by our own national tennis authority for the Melbourne tennis centre but it somehow won the contract for Delhi.
6-08-2010 toismamdealscrapped
The sports marketing agency SMAM has fared even worse. Its contract to earn commission for finding sponsors has been cancelled with immediate effect on what the Times of India calls the ground of non-performance.
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