Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What about me?

Some glorious and delightful examples this morning of the ingratitude and jealousy that can strike a political party when it gets the parish pump working during an election campaign. In a blatant attempt to gain votes in some marginal Brisbane elections, the Prime Minister announced a $1.15 billion grant to fund the long-waited for Redcliffe railway line. So how did the local Courier Mail greet this piece of electoral largesse? With this headline above a churlish story saying that now the state government was going to be slugged $300 million for its share of the project plus, for some reason that is not altogether clear to a casual reader such as me, $8.2 billion for the Cross River rail project.
28-07-2010 couriermail
Just a bit down south the Gold Coast Bulletin was in no mood to give Labor any merit marks. It lamented all over page one the fact that Labor was ignoring the need for the Coolangatta railway extension!
28-07-2010 goldcoastbulletin
But the best “what about me?” for the day clearly went to theSydney Daily Telegraph with its front page blast.
28-07-2010 dailytelegraphdropdead
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