Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Too clever by half

The so-called smart Labor machine men (few if any apart from the PM herself are women) believe that they have out smarted the Coalition by coming up with their East Timor solution. Well my guess is that the biggest beneficiary of this amazing about turn by Labor will be the Greens and that Bob Brown will find himself not only leading a group with the balance of power in the Senate but with a substantial representation in the House of Representatives as well.
Today’s announcement by Ms Gillard will certainly split the Labor Party in a most unedifying way. It gives new understanding to Kevin Rudd’s cryptic remarks on the eve of his dumping about refusing to move to the right on the question of boat people. A week ago I would have thought a comeback by Rudd to a position of power and influence was impossible. Now he has the opportunity to re-emerge — this time as a successor to those who fought the good fight back in the 1960s to ignore the racism of so many of Labor’s voters.
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