Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ticking things off her little list to frustrate an Opposition

The cartoonist on page one of The Australian this morning says it all really. There's Julia Gillard ticking off the first item on her little list.
1. Appease billionaires. Tick
One down, she says.
2. Appease xenophobes
3. Appease climate sceptics
The Melbourne Herald Sun had the same list in a slightly kinder fashion:

The "to do" list summarises what is always a problem for an Opposition. Be too successful too early in attacking a government and the government just changes its policy to be the same as yours. Tony Abbott was even so successful in denting Kevin Rudd's popularity that Labor changed Prime Ministers. Now Julia Gillard is setting about changing the things that led to that unpopularity. There's clearly nothing fair about the game of politics.
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