Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Julia should sit in the outer

Methinks the Prime Minister spends too many of her hours at the football in the Bulldogs’ corporate box. If she spent just a little time in the outer with her club’s working-class supporters she might not make such ridiculous statements about the nature of their attitudes to race. A quick reminder from an afternoon of barracking that to many Australian Aborigines are boongs and weak black c-nts would surely stop her from pretending that this really is a wonderfully tolerant nation when it comes to matters of race.
In justifying her new policy on asylum seekers that panders to prejudice in the pursuit of votes, Julia Gillard might well argue that to win an election there is no option but to match the other lot — the coalition led by Tony Abbott that has been at the forefront of playing the race  card in election games. Well, Labor did not have to stoop this low to win last time and part of the skill of a really competent politician is to find other issues to blunt the impact of a negative.
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