Friday, 23 July 2010

I will be next PM: Abbott

It is a daring politician who defies the conventional campaign wisdom that appearing over confident is a sure fire way to lose votes. Yet that is what Tony Abbott has done today while campaigning in Western Australia. With no ifs, buts or maybes he has declared himself the winner as this ABC News report tells:
I will be next PM: Abbott
"'Yes, I think that there will be a change of government and yes, I think that I will be the next prime minister of Australia,' he said.
Before the campaign began, Mr Abbott tried to deny leaked comments from a party room meeting that a 'famous victory' was in the Coalition's grasp.
But today he was not mincing his words.
'I can sense there will be a change of government come August 21,' he said."
The Liberal Party campaign tacticians must be beside themselves with horror at the lack of discipline their man has shown. 
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