Friday, 2 July 2010

Howard a strange choice

Politicians running sport is par for the course in India and Pakistan but it has rarely been a feature of how things are done in Australia. Labor Senator Ron McCauliffe was at one time the supremo of Queensland rugby league but that was back in the dim dark age when Queensland had its own competition and New South Wales reined supreme and his involvement was very much the exception.

Strange it was then that Australian cricket administrators chose former Prime Minister John Howard to be the man to become its nominee as the vice president of the International Cricket Council who would go on in a couple of years to become its President. It was as if we were accepting that the Asian sub-continent’s way of doing things was the correct one.
Now Australia has suffered the indignity of having its choice rejected by a majority of the ICC membership. I suppose that’s the kind of thing that happens when play by the rules of allowing politics into sport.
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