Thursday, 1 July 2010

Give us a break

They cannot be serious at the Melbourne Herald Sun or rather they really must have it in for our new Prime Minister. This morning the paper manufactured a page one splash that condemns Julia Gillard for continuing to live in her own Altona home rather than in Kirribilli House on the water looking out over Sydney Harbour to the Opera House. Can you imagine the outraged screams from the Victorian radio shock jocks, urged on by writers inThe Hun, if she actually did that?
1-07-2010 heraldsungillardhome
And as for the “cold cops living in a cold caravan”! No. Standing guard in Altona is nowhere near as cold as doing that in Canberra’s sub zero winter. And my guess is that the caravan is every bit as comfortable to hop into to make a cuppa as the guard boxes outside The Lodge and Kirribilli.
Is there no end to the News Limited anti-Labor vendetta?
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