Sunday, 25 July 2010

Appealing to the red-necks to give Labor another campaigning win

If it really is working class red-necks in the outer suburbs who are angry with Labor then giving them a bonus trade in on old bombs is probably sensible vote-winning politics. I'm not sure about the environmental advantage of the $2000 for clunkers policy, mind you, but then neither side is the slightest bit interested at the moment in policies that might actually be to the long term good of the country. Everything said and done at the is a a crude appeal for the votes of the unthinking. Saturday's Liberal Party recycling of money for security cameras to "cut down" on suburban crime is another wonderful example of that..
Saturday was another clear campaigning win for the Government. Far too much in the first week of Tony Abbott talking to men in suits and talking about wife and daughters is not going in itself to make him more appealing to women voters.
A clear Labor win on the day and a six point lead for the week.
The market as measured by the Crikey Election Indicator has given a similar verdict on the week with Labor narrowly increasing its probability lead.
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