Tuesday, 22 June 2010

While on the subject

Interested to see what the ABC left out of what it called its updated version of the Australian Story profile on Julia Gillard last night. Gone from the 2006 original was this section:

My relationship with Craig Emerson was a very important one to me. Being involved with a colleague has got its down side in the sense that drawing the line between what’s work and what’s not work becomes increasingly blurred.
Craig and I were staying together at a hotel and I’d managed to forget to pack my contact lens holder. So I was just storing the contact lenses at the bottom of a glass, which wasn’t exactly the smartest thing in the world to do. Er, so…in the bathroom, this glass with the contact lenses and a bit of solution in them. So, you know, during the course of the night, Craig gets up and thinking it’s water, grabs the glass and drinks it. So I was wandering around National Conference blind for the next morning.
I did have to give the Health Policy Report at the podium not basically able to see my notes or see the audience. Craig and I lived in different states in very demanding positions. And in the hurly-burly of the Labor world, ultimately it was just too difficult. I’m not involved in a relationship now, and you know, your, sort of, your life history rolls on.
Craig Emerson, Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy and  Minister Assisting the Finance Minister on Deregulation, had his own starring role last night on another ABC program —  Q&A.
As a Minister he has certainly stepped up his public appearances in recent months. Perhaps somewhere down the track he too might be a leadership contender.
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