Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A tweeting debate

The New South Wales Greens are looking forward to a Nine Network initiative to hold what it terms as a “world first election twitter debate.”
Greens MP Lee Rhiannon describes the event thus:
This world first election twitter debate will demand politicians directly engage with voters, minus intervention from their spin masters. Without the distraction of TV lights, hairdos and scripts the gristle of what Labor, the Coalition and the Greens can offer Penrith is up for scrutiny. Voters are tired of glossy election campaigns where substance has been sidelined. The Twitter debate is a grassroots, democratic approach to electioneering, different to the coiffured campaign debates NSW voters have had to endure in the past. Tomorrow’s Penrith Twitter debate is free, intimate and instant. The Greens hope it will become a fixture.”
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