Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The power of spin

That the Nine Network and the Sydney Daily Telegraph have not dismissed the former rugby league player Andrew Johns from their stable of expert commentators is reason enough to never take either organisation seriously when they preach about public figures being role models. Both are setting a shocking example by accepting the pathetic apology from a man who clearly does not understand that he has engaged in outrageously racist behaviour. The Tele this morning has even stooped to a pathetic piece of spin to try and put their man in a good light.

16-06-2010 telegraphjohnslaperouse
There’s the man who, as an assistant coach of the NSW team to play in tonight’s state of origin encounter, tried to inspire his team with comments about black c-nts and other obscenities pretending to be the kind fellow helping out the Aboriginal players from Sydney’s La Perouse.

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