Wednesday, 30 June 2010

No Christian but still the same view as Kevin

Our Prime Minister might have frankly told the people she is not a Christian but anyone hoping for a new courageousness on social matters is clearly going to be disappointed. There will be no federal Labor Party support for same s-x marriages while she is the boss.
The policy will remain the same as under the Christian man she deposed when the Government refused to allow the Governor General to approve legislation on same s-x relationships passed by the ACT Territory parliament.
We believe the marriage act is appropriate in its current form, that is recognising that marriage is between a man and a woman, but we have as a government taken steps to equalise treatment for gay couples,” Ms Gillard said this morning.
Meanwhile in Iceland that country’s female Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir on Sunday, the day a new law took effect defining marriage as a union between two consenting adults regardless of s-x, married her long term partner, the writer Jonina Leosdottir, and became the world’s first national leader with a same-sex spouse.
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