Sunday, 27 June 2010

Getting rid of negatives

A relaxed and confident captain Gillard in the first of what no doubt will be many Sunday morning Prime Ministerial chats. Describing her promotion from vice captain to captain she set about doing her best to rid her team of the major negatives that Labor research clearly threw up before the sacking of Kevin Rudd.

We are to have under Prime Minister Gillard a smaller population - or at least by saying she is not interested in a big Australia she wants us to think that under her administration population will be smaller.. Mark that up as a victory for Dick Smith and his sustainable Australia campaign.Mark it down as an example of the damage that can be done when a Prime Minister like Kevin Rudd gets a bit extravagant with his language on television and says things like “I actually believe in a big Australia. I make no apology for that. I actually think it’s good news that our population is growing. I think it is good for us, it’s good for our national security long term, it’s good in terms of what we can sustain as a nation.”

Julia Gillard with a friendly smile patted back every effort by the Nine Network's Laurie Oakes to get an explanation of what her definition of sustainable population actually means. The same thing happened when the talk turned to boat people - a very concerned leader who understands the fears and worries of people who keep seeing pictures on the tele of boats arriving up north did not attempt to say what, if anything, her Government will be doing differently.
Affable talk again when it came to emissions trading. There was no success at all in getting past the flashing smile to learn what a lasting and deep community consensus on climate change action with a price on carbon actually means You have to take the community with you when you make deep and lasting changes was the best we got.
Which was more than we learned about future plans for a re-negotiated mining super profits tax. Something will end up being different but goodness knows what.
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