Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Et tu ABC?

A Saturday morning giggle does you good and The Australian provided it with its story quoting the former Queensland Labor MP Keith de Lacey who has parlayed his former state cabinet post as Treasurer into considerable wealth as chairman of a mining company that digs coal from leases granted by the Queensland government bureaucracy he knows so well.  Of course such a fellow would be objecting to a mining resource tax and suggesting that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be replaced by someone amenable to maintaining the taxation status quo. This was a dog bites man story not one where the man bites the dog.
What was news was that the ABC television bulletin on Saturday night saw fit to give prominence to this non-news story as if it was somehow significant. Something strange has happened to the judgment of the national broadcaster when it so avidly follows the nonsense spewed out by the national daily.
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