Sunday, 27 June 2010

A bit stiff with the timing

The Liberal Party were a bit stiff with the timing of their Federal Liberal Party Council meeting. The machine clearly had gone to a lot of trouble to make the weekend Canberra gathering a springboard for the coming election campaign.

The advertising and PR men had spent many hours and undoubtedly many dollars in preparing material for their leader's "Our Action Contract".
It all came to very little for the simple reason that the nation's new Prime Minister made red, not blue, the colour of the weekend. Julia Gillard was the Saturday and Sunday politician of the moment not Tony Abbott.
Had Kevin Rudd still been the opponent then things would have been different because the "12 realistic, modest and prudent election commitments that are achievable and deliverable over the next three years" are a well thought out foundation for the Opposition's campaign. Most definitely they address, with their signed contract pledge, the concern some people might have that Tony Abbott is not a politician who can be believed.
Here's a sample of the dozen Contract pledges:
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