Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Repeating a warning - don't bother listening

I tried, I promise I really tried, to work out what Joe Hockey was trying to tell us at the National Press Club today about what the Coalition would do with economic policy if it was the government. I just failed to grasp it that's all. I gathered that there would be less spending than Labor proposes and the new tax on mining company profits would be done away with but then I got confused when the shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb started counting as spending cuts the abolition of tax changes by Labor that would only apply if there was a new tax on mining company profits. What the ...?
I should have known better than  to even listen to the speech. Politicians are in election mode where they think the only way to treat the public is as fools. Words from now until election day are cheap and mean nothing.
And it's not just Messrs Hockey and Robb who are speaking in riddles. I am still waiting for someone in the Labor Government to explain in terms I can understand how this mining super profits tax will actually work.
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