Monday, 3 May 2010

Media wrap - Ignoring a taxation review



Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan says he is 'proud' of tax and super changes after Henry Tax Review - Melbourne Herald Sun

Political life

Malcolm Turnbull's recipe for a twice-cooked souffle - Turnbull's rethink about his future - he will now contest Wentworth again - has one fundamental bottom line: he could not give up his ambition to become prime minister - Michelle Grattan in the Melbourne Age

New MLC keen to have her say - Glenorchy mayor, and now independent Elwick MLC, Adriana Taylor secured her seat yesterday after a carve-up of preference votes from Greens candidate Kartika Franks put her well ahead of Labor's Tim Jacobson - Hobart Mercury


Government gone mad - Greg Barns writes in the Hobart Mercury that the size of Tasmania's public service needs an urgent downsizing.

Review too radical for Rudd - You could gauge the Rudd government's alarm at the breadth and radical nature of the Henry tax review by studying the recommendations that have been rejected, ignored, put into the too-hard basket or left to languish for an unspecified period - Tony Wright in the Melbourne Age

No shocks in this response - Michelle Grattan in the Melbourne Age says the government has made a pragmatic pitch to attract voters, bolster revenue and modestly burnish its economic reform credentials in its targeted response to the massively ambitious Henry tax review. And everything it has done is oh, so election year

Home is where the tax is, on every square inch of land - Jessica Irvine in the Sydney Morning Herald
In time we will get the nasties - but not just yet -  Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald says if history is any guide, pretty much all the nasty changes proposed in the Henry tax review will be implemented.

Martyr Turnbull comes in from cold - Phillip Coorey writes in the Sydney Morning Herald that if Australians wanted an emissions trading scheme, they should have voted for John Howard at the last election.

Kevin Rudd finds a rich vein to plug holes in budget - Glenn Milne writes in The Australian that Kevin Rudd's response to the Henry taxation review reveals the character of this government as it heads into an election it is now worried it may lose. In the face of those fears economic "reform" has become a retreat into a redistributive crouch that sees Labor relying on the soft option of taxing the profit generating sectors of the economy, to plug the budget revenue holes of its own making and reward its own constituencies.
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