Friday, 21 May 2010

My own pointless protest

I don't have one of those television watching meters in my house so my little protest will not affect the ratings which makes it quite pointless really. Nevertheless the futile gesture of not watching the Seven Network News will make me feel better.
All I can hope for is that those on the TV survey panel are as disgusted as I am with the new form of queer bashing that went to air on 7 in Sydney last night. Quite frankly I don't care how politicians get their sexual kicks in private and I don't think reporting a visit by a Cabinet Minister to a gay club is legitimate news either.
As to the newspapers this morning, well, they had to report the resignation from the Ministry of David Campbell but most of them crossed the line into promoting homophobia. I mean, how come it is a scandal for the NSW Government that the former Transport Minister was embarrassed about being ambushed by an unprincipled television station news crew?
21-05-2010 dailytelegraph
The only scandal was the action of Network Seven. Bring in some fair dinkum protection of privacy laws is what I say
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