Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Media wrap - Budget reception will make Government happy


The Budget

Wayne Swan rides tax wave - Wayne Swan is banking on surging company tax revenue and the revitalised mining boom, backed by government spending discipline, to drive the federal budget back into surplus three years ahead of forecasts and cement Labor's case for re-election - The Australian

Lucky country returns to bounty - Michael Stutchbury in The Australian says Wayne Swan's Lucky Country has come up trumps again thanks to the same China-fuelled mining boom that powered the economy through the global recession.

The only number that counts - There's only one number that counts in Wayne Swan's pre-election budget - $1 billion - that's the surplus in 2013 and the foundation for the 2010 election campaign - Dennis Shanahan in The Australian

Accounts deliver an election narrative - concludes Paul Kelly in The Australian

Full Budget coverage - The Australian

Wayne Swan's Budget 2010 speech: Riding the resources boom - The Australian

Hard times forge a steely Treasurer - Tom Dusevic in The Australian believes if a near-death experience with cancer fortified Wayne Swan as a man, Labor's planned escape from the global financial crisis to the next boom will define him as a politician.

Pledges slow down return to surplus - Geporge Megalogenis in The Australian writes that the global financial crisis has offered Labor more excuses than hard choices.

Swan's Budget is Operation Save Kevin - He promised a workmanlike Budget but Wayne Swan looked more like a combat surgeon conducting Operation Save Kevin Rudd today, attending to the deficit while he stitched together an election strategy based on health reform and economic management - Sydney Daily Telegraph

Treasurer Wayne Swan's shave and a haircut Budget - Malcolm Farr in the Sydney Daily Telegraph writes that the Federal Government is offering a massive income tax cut in its "shave and a haircut" Budget, along with a promise to double the speed at which its debt will disappear.

What it means for you - More cash in your savings account and less headaches at tax time key features of this year's Budget - Sydney Daily Telegraph

Nation keeps getting stronger - Australia's miracle economy will create an estimated 250,000 jobs next year and growth is tipped to reach 4 per cent by 2011, fed by continued Chinese demand for our minerals - Sydney Daily Telegraph

Ensuring there is always a doctor in the house - Getting to see a doctor after hours will become easier, with a 24-hour emergency helpline manned by a GP who'll diagnose your health problem and organise an after-hours appointment in your local area - Sydney Daily Telegraph

Humbled Kevin Rudd takes aim at your vote with safety-first budget - Melbourne Herald Sun

Wayne Swan delivers 'responsible' federal budget to get economy back in black - Brisbane Courier Mail

Wayne Swan plays the same song in Budget 2010 - Dennis Atkins in the Brisbane Courier Mail says Wayne Swan was forced to return to his 2007 election theme of "reckless spending must stop".

Back to black, and proud of it - A rapid return to surplus and the prospect of full employment underpin a restrained federal budget aimed at showcasing the Rudd government's economic management and health reforms ahead of this year's election - Melbourne Age

The bullet dodged, now going for glory - Michelle Grattan in the Melbourne Age writes that Labor's third and pre-election budget puts a stake in the ground of economic credibility. The government that successfully held off the recession seeks to show it can responsibly manage the return to prosperity.

Banking on the power of prudence - A modest pre-election budget helps Labor sell its message that it's the better party on economic management says Shaun Carney in the Melbourne Age

'We are the envy of the world' - Tim Colebatch in the Melbourne Age szays good resolutions make for boring budgets. The big story in this budget is not what it does, but what it doesn't. It doesn't have tax cuts. It doesn't have much new spending. It doesn't even have much in spending cuts.

Windfalls made the difference in Wayne's World - Malcolm Maiden in the Melbourne Age finds that since the previous budget was handed down a year ago, what the boffins call parameter variations and the layman might call windfall gains are estimated to have put an extra $95 billion of tax revenue into the pipeline in the four years to 2012-2013, and to have improved the projected underlying budget balance in that period by no less than $83.3 billion.

With $46bn taken out, growth rests on private spending - The huge turnaround in cash balance generates deflationary pressures - Kenneth Davidson in the Melbourne Age

That's Swan in the spotlight, getting his religion - ''Tonight we meet the highest standards of responsible economic management.'' You could very nearly stop listening right there. That single sentence contained the Treasurer's whole budget - Tony Wright in the Melbourne Age

Winners and losers - What the budget means for you - Melbourne Age

Cashed up and ready for action - Ther government has set itself up for this year's election - and possibly the one after - with an upbeat federal budget that will see the deficit wiped out within three years and a vastly reduced national debt paid off much earlier than forecast, while still funding tax cuts and $7.3 billion in health measures - Sydney Morning Herald

The budget conjurer waves his magic cheque book again - The Prime Minister goes flat out all year, every year promising to spend money. Then the budget reckoning comes around. Will wonders never cease? Economic rectitude with only a modicum of pain. With one leap Labor gets the budget back on track - Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald

Every dollar spent is offset by tax rise or spending cuts - The government talked tough beforehand, but the reality isn't so severe writes Jessica Irvine in the Sydney Morning Herald

Back in the black with a touch of restraint - writes Peter Hartcher in the Sydney Morning Herald

Kevin07 stages election comeback - The narrative of this year's budget is the return of the Labor we voted for in 2007 is the verdict of Lenore Taylor in the Sydney Morning Herald

Ignore the Treasurer's denials, this absolutely is an election budget - Sydney Morning Herald

Swan says we're envy of the world - The West Australian

A no-frills Budget to make or break Rudd - Adelaide Advertiser

Aboriginal affairs

Aboriginal pupils in sharp focus in education plan - Teachers will need to learn how to teach Aboriginal children as part of their training before they can register to work in public and private schools under national plans to lift the standard of indigenous education - Sydney Morning Herald


No more dodgy how to vote cards - The Rann Government will introduce legislation to stop the use of dodgy how-to-vote cards at state elections - Adelaide Advertiser


Gillard sees beyond school bricks and mortar - It's been a week of potent political juxtapositions. The Prime Minister has revealed himself as a political butterfly fast losing support in the community, writes Janet Albrechtsen in The Australian. In contrast, the Deputy Prime Minister has put on the boxing gloves.

Tax grabs to hide waste - This is a Budget worth boasting about - if it didn't rely so crucially on desperate tax grabs, heroic assumptions and broken promises claims Andrew Bolt in the Melbourne Herald Sun



Schools cheating on national tests-The father of a struggling year 7 student at Vermont Secondary College says his son was told he did not have to sit the NAPLAN tests - meaning the school would perform better on the My School website - Melbourne Age
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