Sunday, 25 April 2010

Media wrap - A chaperone for the doctor



Families lost out in Budget - Working families will not get further tax relief or family payment increases in this year's Budget because most are almost $4000 better off under Labor, the Rudd Government says - Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun

Alcohol industry at war over threat to our cheap wine - High-end winemakers are at loggerheads with bulk wine producers over how to respond to the release next week of the Henry tax review that will recommend Australia move to a volumetric tax on wine - Sydney Sun Herald


Private school fees set to jump under Gillard review - Education Minister Julia Gillard has pledged that private schools will not lose funding, in terms of dollars per student, when a new model is introduced in 2013. But principals fear funding could be effectively ''frozen'', with no new money to cover inflation and soaring education costs - Melbourne Sunday Age


Libs will take on Nats for Riverina seat - Long-serving Riverina MP Kay Hull will retire this year but her seat will be contested by both Coalition parties - Sydney Sun Herald

Turnbull may stay to fight - The Liberal push to convince the former leader to stay on in the seat of Wentworth has intensified in the past few days with internal polling from both sides of politics showing Mr Turnbull is the Liberals' best chance of retaining the marginal seat - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Bazza unveils his dirty dozen - The Liberal Party has finalised its preselections in the dozen marginal seats it must win from the ALP to take power at next year's election - and has chosen candidates who are similar to the Labor incumbents - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Public service

Lucas's blast to bureaucrats over Queensland Health payroll debacle broadcast to The Sunday Mail - In a conversation the public was never meant to hear, Deputy Premier Paul Lucas, the Health Minister, admits the Bligh Government "f----- it up" over the continuing saga of doctors, nurses and other Health Department staff not being paid for weeks.

Political life

Greens MP Adele Carles confesses to secret affair with Troy Buswell - Greens MP Adele Carles has confessed to a secret affair with Treasurer Troy Buswell. Ms Carles, 41, married with three children, chose to go public, telling The Sunday Times the intimate relationship, lasting several months, ended only recently.


ETS now a sitting target as bills pile up in Parliament - Michelle Grattan in the Sydney Sun Herald looks at a parliamentary timetable where there is so much to do before an election yet so little time

What's really behind Brumby's stoush with Rudd - Josh Gordon in the Melbourne Sunday Age says Victoria's key complaint is that the states are shouldering a large chunk of Australia's service delivery, with responsibility for schools, health care, infrastructure, police and emergency services, among other things. Yet the states have limited power to raise revenue, and since the 1970s have become increasingly dependent on the Commonwealth.

How PM was saved by a perfect Storm - Piers Akerman in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph writes that Hectares of space were devoted to the death of the pathological criminal and the salary cap scandal enabling Rudd to claim he had reformed the nation’s health system and dispose of a slew of his further failed policy initiatives and broken promises.


Sacking case turns spotlight on Murdoch sanctum - At 10.30am on Tuesday the Supreme Court begins hearing an unfair dismissal case, brought against News Ltd, a company headed by Rupert Murdoch. At issue is an alleged ''shit sandwich'' delivered with the sacking of a senior editor - Melbourne Sunday Age



Job woes hold teens in school - Tougher rules on youth support payments and high unemployment have led to the largest ever number of young people staying in school or training after year 10 - Melbourne Sunday Age

The sexes

Male doctors to get chaperones after sexual misconduct claims - Male doctors would be forced to use chaperones when they examined women, if proposed new rules were introduced. The policy was being considered by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, which said tougher rules were inevitable to stem the soaring number of sexual misconduct allegations and lawsuits - Brisbane Sunday Mail

Consumer affairs

Watchdog's bid to end fuel cycle - The Federal Government is considering new competition laws which would halt the weekly petrol price cycle, ending the traditional weekend price rise and discount days. A secret report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recommends banning oil companies from swapping prices using an information system called Informed Sources - Adelaide Sunday Mail
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