Sunday, 11 April 2010

Media wrap


Road safety

Plan to set drink driving limit at .02 - The NSW State Government is willing to debate lowering the drink-driving limit to 0.02 per cent after its traffic experts said the move could cut road trauma by nine per cent - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Economic matters

Interest rates headed for 10 per cent - Mortgage rates are predicted to hit a horror 10 per cent within the next two years as the Reserve Bank hikes rates to prevent runaway inflation - Sydney Sunday Telegraph


20,000 asylum seekers expected in 2011 - More than than 5000 asylum seekers will make the journey to Australia this year and as many as 20,000 are in the people-smuggling pipeline - Perth Sunday Times

Legal bid likely on refugee - The Rudd government's decision to leave asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan in limbo on Christmas Island is out of step with ''normal practice'' and is ''problematic as a matter of principle'', according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees - Melbourne Sunday Age

Law and order

Pipeline critic spied on, tailed - The extent of the Brumby government's monitoring of protesters has been revealed for the first time, with previously secret documents showing a key north-south pipeline critic was spied on, filmed, photographed and tailed while driving - Melbourne Sunday Age

Throw away the key: worst of worst to stay locked up - The state's worst murderers and violent criminals will be kept behind bars after their sentences have finished under a radical plan by the NSW government that will target prisoners who resist rehabilitation - Sydney Sun Herald


Plan to break teacher strike - Parents would be drafted to supervise literacy and numeracy exams under a secret federal Government plan to counter strike action by teachers over the My School website - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Political life

Kristina Keneally's a real hard head - Premier Kristina Keneally is attending so many sod-turning photo opportunities that her office has bought their boss her own taxpayer-funded hard hat - Sydney Sunday Telegraph  

Uphill climb for leaders - PremierDavid Bartlett and Greens leader Nick McKim yesterday put aside their differences.The pair took a two-hour bike ride up Mt Wellington, shying away from the prying eyes of the media to bury the hatchet and talk about "the future of Tasmania" - Hobart Mercury

Federal pollies cost us $1m each - The cost of each federal MP has blown out to a $1 million a year string of payments and benefits so complex that even the officials responsible for managing the cash say it is impossible to oversee and control the spending - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Sports Minister Kate Ellis tops poll of Australia's sexiest politician - Brisbane Sunday Mail


Christine Nixon: what the backlash is really all about - Claire Harvey writes in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph that no matter what Nixon achieves in her life, she will never transcend her own shape. Her weight will always be remarked upon. She will always be the fat sheila - just like every other fat sheila in public life. And that basic, depressing fact is the real basis for the cheap plastic outrage about what Christine Nixon did on the night of Saturday, February 7, 2009.

Turnbull's Zen commandments - Thou shalt not bear grudges is the former opposition leader's credo, which is just as well after his tumultuous yet short political career - Paul Daley in the Sydney Sun Herald

Desire to go the extra Mile - Heath Aston writes in the Sydney Sun Herald that Kristina Keneally wants the Barangaroo harbourfront redevelopment to be her legacy and what's more, she plans to be in power for its completion in four years.

Rudd faces big-ticket challenges in countdown to election - Hospitals aside, the looming release of the Henry tax review followed by the budget are also potential headaches for the PM, writes Michelle Grattan in the Sydney Sun Herald

Passing the beer test - You don't have to be likeable to succeed as a politician writes Josh Gordon in the Melbourne Sunday Age as he gives the examples of Gordon Brown, Kevin Rudd and John Brumby 


The drink

Griggs sinks grog strategy - CLP candidate and Palmerston alderman Natasha Griggs has helped vote down a council plan designed to tackle public drunkenness - Northern Territory News
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