Friday, 30 April 2010

Media wrap - The tax spin begins



Treasurer's tax system overhaul may benefit businesses - Australia's biggest companies will receive a tax break while the paperwork burden for small business will be slashed in a historic overhaul of the tax system - Adelaide Advertiser

Miners' fury at double tax burden - Mining companies have warned that their profits are facing a multi-billion-dollar hit from the introduction of a resource rent tax, as West Australian Premier Colin Barnett accused the industry of naivety if it assumed he would ease the tax burden by abolishing state-based royalties - The Australian
Economic matters

Victoria's budget will confirm slow recovery from crisis - The first state budget to be delivered this year will confirm a slow recovery from the global financial crisis, with Victoria losing $3.8 billion in expected revenue between 2008 and 2012 - The Australian


Tony Abbott sets population target of 29 million people - Tony Abbott has fired a new shot in the population debate, declaring the nation should aim for a long-term target of 29 million people - Melbourne Herald Sun

Abbott cracks down on population growth - Tony Abbott has vowed to keep population growth in Australia to below 30 million by 2050 and will more than halve the current immigration rate to achieve it - Sydney Daily Telegraph

Nick Xenophon claims importing Chinese food compromises Australia's security - Independent senator Nick Xenophon has launched an extraordinary attack on Chinese food imports and claims Australia's national security is compromised by its dependency on the Asian superpower - Adelaide Advertiser

Industrial relations

South Australian teachers told to lift test bans or risk sanctions - The South Australian Industrial Relations Commission has warned teachers to lift the ban on national literacy and numeracy testing or risk a formal sanction - Adelaide Advertiser

Political lurks and perks

MPs travel on world's tax dollars - Globetrotting MPs have turned to other nations' governments and community groups to fund their travels. In the past year, 12 state MPs and even two ministers went to Europe, Asia and the Middle East courtesy of governments from Greece to China. Community groups also chipped in to fund the travel, the latest disclosures by parliamentarians have revealed - Sydney Daily Telegraph

Electoral reform

Rudd shelves another promise and stalls on electoral reforms - Kevin Rudd appears to have shelved action on another policy promise -- reform of the electoral system, including possible caps on political donations and election spending by political parties - The Australian

Public service

Superannuation lost in Health payroll fiasco - Underpaid Queensland Health staff have also been robbed of their superannuation. Some staff have not had their superannuation paid since the bungled payroll system was launched almost seven weeks ago - Brisbane Courier Mail


Poor political skills doomed Rudd's climate policy -  writes Dennis Shanahan in The Australian

Plain packaging ploy likely to go up in smoke - Turning public debate from the failed emissions trading scheme to universally despised tobacco emissions is a media masterstroke from Kevin Rudd, but the cost could leave a singe in taxpayers' pockets - The Australian

Tiny environmental assessment laws need beefing up, says EPA - The Northern Territory's environmental assessment laws are a tiny document just five pages long, a public forum has heard - Northern Territory News


The drink

South Australia introduces new liquor licensing laws - New liquor licencing laws making it easier for venue operators to refuse alcohol to patrons who are drunk come into affect on Monday - Adelaide Advertiser
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