Sunday, 18 April 2010

Media wrap - Almost the last gasp of pre-COA speculation


Health and hospitals

Rudd: Take the medicine - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has warned state and territory leaders they have to agree on reforming the health system tomorrow or he will take the issue to the federal election - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

NSW wants to negotiate health plan - Sydney Sun Herald

PM eyes last-ditch deal: possible sweeteners for states - a package on mental health is likely to be put on the table by Mr Rudd at tomorrow's Council of Australian Governments meeting, and he is also prepared to make concessions on the control of GST revenue - Sydney Sun Herald

Baillieu's web solution to hospital queues - Victorians would be able to check online the waiting times for hospital emergency wards before seeking treatment under an opposition initiative to improve access to emergency care - Melbourne Age

Stimulus projects

A poor school report might punish Labor - Although it is likely the Auditor General's report will conclude that only a relatively small number of the 24,000 projects were problematic, the opposition will still pounce on any evidence that the government is a poor economic manager - Sydney Sun Herald


We'll be a nation of new migrants - The Australian-born family will become a minority group within 15 years - outnumbered by a surging wave of migrants from Europe and Asia - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Fund raising

Ker-ching! Political parties hit the jackpot - Donations from clubs, hotels and casinos have jumped in the past decade to form about 5 per cent of all contributions to major political parties - Sydney Sun Herald

Equal pay

Job for the boys - Australia's top businessmen are vowing to fight for women's rights, forming a powerful new advisory group to improve pay and conditions for female workers. The Male Champions of Change, a 10-man group formed by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, comprises bosses of major employers Woolworths, Telstra, Origin Energy, IBM, Deloitte, Citi Group, Goldman Sachs and Westpac - Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Barristers' fees prove it's not all equal in law - Victoria's female barristers have called on the state government to lead by example and stamp out pay disparity with male barristers. They say the government must do more to boost their remuneration and retention rates, and encourage private firms to do the same - Melbourne Age
Political life

Rise and shine - Peter Munro profiels Andrew Robb for the Melbourne Sunday Age.


Hospital reform should not be sacrificed to the election cycle -  says Michelle Grattan in the Sydney Sun Herald

It's a Labor of (lost) love for Rudd - Paul Daley writes in the Sydney Sun Herald how Labor has never liked outsiders and it has always been deeply suspicious – even contemptuous of – genuine intellectuals. Rudd is both.


Windmills for your roof under overhaul of NSW planning laws - Householders will be allowed to build wind turbines on the roofs of suburban homes to generate green electricity under a sweeping overhaul of NSW planning laws - Sydney Sunday Telegraph



Fight over half-day school plan - Overcrowding in the classroom has prompted the principal of a school in regional Victoria to push ahead with plans to split the school day in half - Melbourne Sunday Age
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