Saturday, 23 January 2010

Taking my winnings

With the latest Morgan Poll still showing Labor in a healthy and winning position, I will be taking the opportunity to cash in and take my winnings on my small investments, made last year when price was much longer than the current $1.20, on the Rudd government to be returned at the next election.
It is not that I think Morgan is wrong in putting the two-party preferred vote at 58.5% or 60% depending on how you allocated the third-party preferences. (See Possum Comitatus for an interesting discussion on this difference). It is just that I sense Labor will not have the courage to call an early double-dissolution election and a lot can happen twixt now and the likely polling day in August.
I doubt that things are going to get any better for the government before then and that the odds will begin moving a little in favour of the Opposition.
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