Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More interesting than a Wilderness Society koala

Every election brings out the publicity seekers endeavouring to gate-crash a politician’s event. It just goes with the campaigning territory and they are normally nothing more than keen young greenies from the Wilderness Society dressed in koala suits. Over in South Australia, though, the Labor Party’s state election campaign looks like having to deal with something potentially far more entertaining for the masses.
Entertaining for the masses maybe, but not for Premier Mike Rann. The thought of meeting up with his old friend Michelle Chantelois on the campaign trail is clearly not a happy one. Yesterday he thought it necessary to cancel his scheduled appearance to open the annual Australia Day Show at Greenhill Galleries, which he does each year, because Chantelois was in attendance.
Chantelois’ husband is facing charges of assaulting Rann by hitting him with a rolled-up magazine although Rann claims he had nothing more than a “flirty” relationship with the former Parliament House waitress.
The Premier’s itinerary between now and the March election in future will surely be a closely guarded secret and confined to venues where upstaging is difficult.
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