Thursday, 17 December 2009

The temperature rises

Perhaps never before has so much been written by so many that tells readers so little about what is actually happening as the Copenhagen climate conference. The only sure fact that I have gathered after 10 days of breathless reporting is that Danish policemen employ similar tactics on mindless demonstrators as those in other parts of the world. As to what progress if any has been made on getting an international agreement on climate change I am none the wiser despite religiously reading thousands of words from journalists around the globe.
In desperation I turn again to the Climate Scoreboard lovingly constructed, as I described in Crikey earlier in the month,  by the Climate Institute to keep track on the progress at Copenhagen. It now shows that after decisions made so far by delegates the temperature of the world is actually on track to be warmer at the end of the century by 0.1 of a degree Centigrade than it was before discussions started.
So much for hot air
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