Thursday, 3 December 2009

Nothing gracious in defeat here

There clearly was none of that being gracious in defeat nonsense when Malcolm Turnbull got back to the safety of his Sydney home. There was a decidedly unpleasant blast for deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop and further fodder for Labor’s future election campaign advertising with this posting on his internet blog:
Malcolm Turnbull might be gone as Leader but he clearly has not taken a vow of silence. He is going to be a continuing irritant to Tony Abbott in the same way that Nick Minchin was to him - a constant reminder that when it comes to climate change the Liberal Party is irreconcilably split.
Malcolm Turnbull is smart enough to know that the salvation of his political reputation can only come from Labor scoring a landslide victory when the next polling day comes. If the massacre is large enough, and the support of Australians for an emissions trading scheme clear enough, it might even be possible for him to state a comeback on the basis that “I told you so.”
I expect him to do everything in his power to ensure that happens and he is not going to be intimidated by anyone threatening his pre-selection. Which makes him different from the weak-kneed Liberal Senators who yesterday showed they did not have the courage of their convictions when they caved in an tamely voted against an emissions trading scheme.
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