Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Your taxes at work

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett, yesterday announced funding of $420,500 for arts and cultural activities at 27 community festivals around Australia. Some examples of where your money is going:
UMI Arts Limited, Queensland  —  For Small Sister Small Brother at Big Talk One Fire 2010 Cultural Summit (NORTH CAIRNS)
The project is designed as a way to allow young people 12-25yrs to play an active role in Big Talk One Fire, and to increase their interest and involvement in Indigenous arts and cultural practices. In the lead up to the festival students in regional and remote communities around Cairns will take part in workshops led by Indigenous artists and performers together with UMI development officers. Students will work with artists/young leaders to develop digital presentations involving elements of animation, photography and music that reflect their thoughts on questions of cultural maintenance, and what it means to young people. The students will travel to Cairns to present their works as part of the Big Talk One Fire 2010. Funding: $14,500
Port Lincoln Tunarama Incorporated, South Australia — For Cique du Cie at Port Lincoln Tunarama Festival
The project will host circus/acrobatic workshops to provide youth and adult members of the community the opportunity for performance skill development. The workshop program will culminate in a performance each evening at the festival portraying the life cycle of a tuna which is representative of the working lifestyle of the region due to its close harmony with the fisherman/farmer ethic, and portray the regions cultural lifestyle founded in the farming and fishing industry. Funding: $24,545
Glenorchy City Council, Tasmania — For Glenorchy Moves at The Works
The Glenorchy Moves project is the centrepiece of the final day of celebrations of the festival and is an original piece of physical theatre celebrating Glenorchy’s sporting community. Built around a small group of skilled aerial circus performers, the project will be led by a team of professional choreographers/physical theatre workers collaborating with a wide range of local sporting groups. From the frenetic pace of mass netball drills to the juggling skills of local afro Tasmanian soccer players, to the quiet elegance of eastern martial arts such as Tai Chi and Aikido, the project celebrates the diversity of the community sporting passion. The final show will include a live soundtrack featuring local funk rock group, a Latin American percussion ensemble, and a small brass section.
Funding: $25,225
Multicultural Arts Victoria — For Talanoa: Walk and Talk at Emerge Festival (COLLINGWOOD)
Multimedia and performance artist Shigeyuki Kihara will work in partnership with 4 cultural performance groups/communities to explore intercultural dialogue ‘Talanoa’ by staging live collaborative public performances in two CBD locations Melbourne (VCA) and Fitzroy (Fitzroy Town Hall ). Inspired by her Japanese/Samoan up bringing Multimedia and Performance Artist Shigeyuki Kihara will work in partnership with 4 distinct cultural performance groups including refugee and emerging communities with distinctive styles. The project will engage with four communities which include, Samoa, Kiribati, Sudan and Indigenous Australia. Funding: $28,000
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