Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tasmania going Green

Australia is on the verge of getting its second minority Labor government that must rely on the support of Greens to govern. On the figures in the latest opinion poll from Tasmania, the Liberals will end up with 11 members in the House of Assembly to Labor’s 10 and the Greens with four. You can get details of the EMRS polls from Anthony Green’s ABC website.
As the Liberals say they will not countenance any deal with the Greens to gain office, presumably Labor will do the same as it has in the Australian Capital Territory and make an agreement although that will be much harder to finalise than it was in Canberra because of the nature of the issues the Greens consider vital.
I certainly would not fancy the chances of Gunns getting any decisions it might need from a government next year to ensure that its pulp mill goes ahead.
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