Sunday, 8 November 2009

Media wrap: Johnny makes a comeback with attack on Rudd




I'd stop the boats: Howard – Former Prime Minister John Howard has branded Kevin Rudd as head of a "do-nothing'' government that has wasted the nation's savings and bungled asylum-seeker policy – Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Kevin, you're so vain: Turnbull - Kevin Rudd is running an ''extraordinarily vain'' Government that is outsourcing Australia's immigration program to people smugglers, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull says. Mr Turnbull told the Victorian Liberal Party faithful in Geelong that the Government had created colossal failures that began with an overreaction to the global financial crisis and continued with mishandling the national broadband network and recent concerns over the continued arrival of asylum seekers – Sydney Sun Herald
PM gets behind Nathan Rees – Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stepped in to end the NSW Labor leadership crisis with a plea to the party to get behind Premier Nathan Rees – Sydney Sunday Telegraph

Political life
Turnbull adviser quits over Hitler video – Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull's media minder, Thomas Tudehope, has quit after he was linked to a spoof YouTube video portraying a Liberal backbencher as Adolf Hitler – Melbourne Sunday Age

Economic matters
Swan sends a spray at prophets of boom – Treasurer Wayne Swan has hosed down speculation that the Australian economy has recovered and is now heading into a long boom, warning optimists to ''take a cold shower and acknowledge the fragile state of the global recovery''. A report prepared by the International Monetary Fund for this weekend's G20 meeting of finance ministers in Scotland urged advanced economies not to prematurely withdraw stimulus spending because the global recovery remained tenuous and patchy – Melbourne Sunday Age

World hits Rudd over boat people stand-off – The Federal Government's tough stance on asylum seekers is attracting international media attention - most of it critical and likely to damage Australia's standing – Melbourne Sunday Age

We won't win any Olympic gold – Four-time Olympian Ric Charlesworth believes Australia faces future Olympic Games where we can't win a gold medal. Charlesworth said he was ``horrified'' by the lack of money for Olympic sports - and top Olympic officials have said the Australian public's psyche will be shattered if the Rudd Government goes ahead with recommendations to cut sports funding – Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Emergency department turf war – A radical attempt by chiropractors to treat patients in hospital emergency departments faces fierce opposition from doctors. The NSW arm of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia says allowing its members to work with emergency medicine professionals would save the health system ''hundreds of millions of dollars'' a year – Sydney Sun Herald

Law and order
Spray-can vandals face prison under crackdown – Children carrying spray-paint cans without a legitimate reason could face six months in jail under a revolutionary graffiti crackdown by the State Government. It is the first time courts will have the power to jail youths for merely carrying a can of spray paint – Sydney Sun Herald

$87.5m for new Mid-East army base – Don’t tell anyone but the Federal Government is spending $87.5 million on a new Middle East military base. Not that it's using the word ''base''. Instead, budget papers state the money is being spent on ''command and control enhancements'' in the Middle EastSydney Sun Herald

Turnbull's cunning plan of inaction – Glenn Milne in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph sees Malcolm Turnbull being disciplined for a change as in interview after interview he's attacked Rudd but avoided constant attempts to get him to say what he'd have done differently. It's worked by keeping Rudd the issue.
PM’s bid to gag climate change sceptics – Piers Akerman in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph writes that having allowed people-smugglers to hold an Australian Customs vessel hostage for three weeks, our pompous Prime Minister has now launched an extraordinary personal attack on those who don’t buy his views on climate change.


Climate sceptics persist against Turnbull – Climate change sceptics in the Liberal Party will not be silenced despite Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull's contention there is ''overwhelming support … right across the board'' within party ranks for a carbon trading scheme. The sceptics dominated debate on climate change in a meeting of the Victorian division of the Liberal Party yesterday – Melbourne Sunday Age
Rudd fails on election promise to run clean energy government – Despite repeatedly brandishing its green credentials, the Rudd Government has reneged on its election promise to run Parliament House and MPs' electoral offices on clean energy. It has also failed to deliver on a promise to upgrade all government office buildings to minimum five-star greenhouse ratings – Melbourne Sunday Age
Top planner accused of toxic hazard cover-up – Before he became NSW Planning Department boss Sam Haddad was involved in ''deliberate concealment'' by the State Government of risks posed by toxic hazards, three companies have alleged in the Supreme Court – Sydney Sun Herald

Seven's Roscoe calls it a night – Sydney Channel 7's multi-million dollar newsman, Ian Ross, will retire in three weeks – Sydney Sunday Telegraph


Cabbies let off the hook – Only four of the 82 Sydney taxi drivers reported by The Sydney Sunday Telegraph for breaking regulations by cherry-picking late-night fares have been disciplined.

School days
Plan to delay school for two years – Children in NSW can start school as young as four but an international study says enrolment should be delayed until they are at least six years old – Sydney Sunday Telegraph
Row over sex education – A furore has erupted over the content of a new national sex education package to be developed for Australian primary and high schools. Sydney's Catholic schools head Dan White is warning against the planned national curriculum being used as a ''how-to guide'' for children to gain access to contraception and abortion clinics – Sydney Sun Herald

Stinkatron: chaos at the top – Australia’s elite scientific community has been stunned by the sudden and unexplained dismissal of the director of the nation's only synchrotron facility - a multimillion-dollar, revolutionary research centre and pet project of Premier John Brumby – Melbourne Sunday Age
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