Friday, 13 November 2009

Labor improvement the Crikey readers’ tip

The early entrants in our Crikey “Pick the Newspoll” figures contest expect Labor to regain its substantial lead. In two-party preferred terms the consensus view is that Newspoll will next show Labor up from the 52% figure of last week to 56%. It is not too late to enter our little contest. Take a punt: enter your best guesses of the primary vote that the next Newspoll will show for the major parties and others along with your estimate of the two-party preferred position and the approval ratings for the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader.
We will reward the winner with a set of magnificent news season’s First Dog on the Moon tea towels with the winner being the person closest to correct across all categories. In the event of a tie, the first correct entry gets the goodies.
The scoring system is simple. If the Newspoll number is, say, 52 and you predict 52 you score 0; if 53 you get -1, for a 54 -2 etc. When we add up the scores for all the answers the person closest to zero wins.
You will find the entry form here. Good tipping.
Primary votes :
  • Labor 46
  • Liberal 33
  • National 4
  • Green 10|
  • Other 7
Two party preferred :
  • Labor 56
  • Coalition 44
Approval Ratings :
  • Rudd as Prime Minister 62
  • Turnbull as Opposition Leader 32
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