Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A hot year needed

All that Bob Brown and his Greens need now to have a great result at the next election is for 2010 to be a record hot year. His party is the only one to emerge from the debate on the emissions trading scheme with reputation intact. To the environmentally concerned, the Labor Party now looks like a party of wusses, more interested in its own survival in government than the future of the planet. It has sought the safety of the middle ground where it now huddles with the Malcolm Turnbull Liberals.
The only other party of principle is the Nationals, which, however wrongly, have decided that global warming is nonsense. Perhaps if next year is a particularly cool one they will benefit from their maverick view come polling day but I am impressed by the evidence pointing towards the El Nino giving us a worldwide spell of warm weather in 2010 just as it did back in 1998.
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