Friday, 27 November 2009

Give ‘em their own tactics back

The campaign of terror being waged by the non believers in global warming within the Liberal Party is a clear example of how determined blackmailers can crush sensible but sensitive souls. What Tony Abbott, Nick Minchin et al are doing is threatening their colleagues with the virtual destruction of the Liberal Party unless they get their own way. There is only one way of handling political bullies like them and that is to stand up to them and be prepared to use exactly the same tactics in return.
The sensible supporters of the need for action on global warming should simply make it clear that they will be voting in favour of the negotiated agreement on the ETS legislation whoever is the Liberal Party leader and whether the party room votes against the legislation or not. Faced with the absurdity of the ETS being law but electing as leader someone opposed to it, surely some of those now wavering and considering a vote for Abbott on Monday would stick with Turnbull.
And if they didn’t then most of them would be signing their political death warrant anyhow. At a double dissolution election at the end of February with the Liberals divided and led by Abbott there would be a massacre.
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