Thursday, 26 November 2009

A boycott is in order

The media should join as one and boycott the world’s most popular boring game - test cricket. Australian cricket administrators are just going too far with the outrageous restrictions they want to place on coverage of matches in Australia this summer. According to Associated Press, Cricket Australia has demanded the right to see the agencies’ lists of clients and to veto any they decide should not receive pictures and text coverage of the tests against the West Indies that start today.
It also wants to impose limits on the number and frequency of text and photo updates for Web sites and on the duration of images in photographic archives. Along with Reuters and Agence France Press, AP has decided not to provide any coverage. Coverage of the monotonous plodding on the field of play over five days will not be missed. Now, if only local newspapers would join in the boycott .. that would make it a summer to look forward to.
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