Thursday, 5 November 2009

Another one from that Liberal playbook

Forget the serious policy matters, give the mob stories of government waste of taxpayers’ money. That was the advice in that recent briefing note to Coalition press secretaries on election tactics and an example this morning of how it works a treat in practice as well as in the theory. More public housing units are being demolished than built under Kevin Rudd’s $42 billion economic stimulus package, designed to buoy the building industry was the line fed to The Australian.
More public housing units are being demolished than being built” was the headline describing how, as at two weeks ago, only 73 new houses had been completed under the $5.4bn spending package, announced in February, while hundreds of existing homes had been demolished to make way for new buildings. Good simple stuff that is completely irrelevant as it overlooks that old and uninhabitable housing gets knocked down first before new units can replace it.
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