Monday, 30 November 2009

And what interests the people?

Readers of internet news sites around the world have no doubt about what is the biggest news story of the day. Forget about Iran and nuclear weapons, US health care proposals, more troops for Afghanistan and the new financial crisis caused by Dubai - Tiger Woods and his relationship with his wife is a clear winner.
On radio, television, newspapers and the internet, this is surely the most covered minor traffic accident in history. And the people are lapping it up.

This what I found in the last hour as I surveyed those "Most Popular" reports on internet news sites:
BBC News - a Tiger Woods story the most read
ABC News Australia - most read
New Zealand Herald - most read
The Times, London - second most read after leading yesterday
The Guardian, London - most viewed
USA Today - most read
Globe and Mail, Canada - most viewed
Washington Post - most read
New York Times - most searched
Melbourne Age, Australia - most read
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - most read
Times of India - second most read
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