Monday, 5 October 2009

Rann goes from goody two-shoes to bad boy

Pounding a Premier. I guess there’s hardly a person in South Australia now who does not have a theory about what the assailant said to Mike Rann the other night while beating him around the head with a rolled up magazine. When there are 500 people at a dinner where such an incident takes place it is not long before the magnifying impact of gossip reaches hundreds of thousands. Toss in a couple of tales from the local tabloid telling of an estranged husband and a woman who used to work at Parliament House and it’s not hard to imagine how distorted the versions accepted by many people might have become. To provide even more fuel to the naturally inquiring minds of the people, was the extraordinary decision by police not to immediately take the charged man before a court. The upshot, fairly or unfairly, will be to tarnish Rann’s goody two shoes image before he faces an election in the first half of next year. By the time the matter is finally dealt with you can be certain that the accepted wisdom of the involvement of the Premier with the woman and her husband will be far more salacious than the reality.
Frankly, I don’t know how we in the media should handle such stories.
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