Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Playing by the government’s rules

They are incredibly slow learners those Liberals. Week after week they keep playing politics by the government’s rules. Week after week the opinion polls show that people are markedly unimpressed by them. When will they ever learn?
Learn, for instance, that when people overwhelmingly and increasingly say they are confident about the economic future that there will be no response to claims that a debt-laden doom is about to descend upon the nation? Realise that while for the next few years, whatever happens in Copenhagen or anywhere else, no decisions about emissions trading will translate into changes that people notice; global warming will be a motherhood issue.
For as long as it does not actually cost anything, saving the planet will be a vote winner so why continue to be a nark once again predicting hard times to come.
Liberals desperately need an issue of their own that people can relate to now, not far off in some distant future. Let me suggest it again. Start talking hospitals and health and blame Kevin Rudd’s dithering around with committees of inquiry for every mishap and tragic death.
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