Thursday, 1 October 2009

Going for a winner

Rupert Murdoch broke the habits of a life time in the last US presidential election when he did not swing his media empire whole heartedly behind the man who looked the likely winner. The troops stuck loyally to the Republican cause even when the Democrat Barack Obama started forging ahead in the opinion polls months before polling day. Perhaps it just shows that the lunatics at Fox Television really are in charge of the asylum and even the old master cannot control them.
Whatever the reason for that aberration of supporting a loser, things are returning to normal in the United Kingdom where 12 years of support for the Labour Party has dramatically come to an end.

The timing of the London Sun’s page one declaration was impeccably timed to steal Gordon Brown’s thunder as he made his address to his Party’s national conference in Brighton. I particularly liked the way the Guardian this morning describes the two versions of a conversation between News International’s British boss Rebekah Brooks and Labour Cabinet Minister Lord Mandelson:

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