Monday, 19 October 2009

Equal and opposite reactions

A smart man that Newton. He might have been dealing with motion but his third law regularly has a broader application. As has been found in South Australia where the reaction to concentrating on limiting binge drinking has been a boom in the use of cheap illegal drugs bought at a fraction of the cost of night club alcohol.
Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia director of drug monitoring Jason White was quoted this morning saying that the exploitation by dealers of the gap between the price of alcohol and illegal drugs was concerning.
The relative cost of alcohol at some venues compared to the cost of an ecstasy tablet means that some people regard the ecstasy as a better way to spend their money,” he said.
While ecstasy is the most common and cheapest drug used at nightclubs, club owners say partygoers are also using other pills, cocaine and LSD  — some made in backyard drug labs and rife with dangerous chemicals.

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